10 Best Neighborhoods in Orlando to Live In


Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to settle down or need a fresh start in a new area, Orlando is full of charming and eccentric places. So, if you’re wondering where to find the best neighborhoods in Orlando to live in, then we’ve got you covered.

From endearing bungalow-style homes to luxury highrises, you’re bound to find an area that suits exactly what you need. With years of real estate experience here in Orlando, we know the city like the back of our hand. To get a little taste of everything the city has to offer, let’s explore the 10 best neighborhoods in Orlando.

Why Live in Orlando

When most people think of this city, more often than not their minds instantly associate it with Disney World or Universal Studios. However, Orlando offers much more than its world-famous theme parks, but those awesome attractions are a big plus.

One of the main draws of living in Orlando is the pleasant climate. With warm temperatures year-round and plenty of sunshine, residents can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and golfing.

The city also offers a diverse range of dining options, shopping centers, and cultural attractions, such as the Orlando Museum of Art and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Additionally, Orlando’s strong economy, excellent schools, and easy access to nearby beaches and other popular Florida destinations make it an ideal place to live.

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The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Orlando to Live In

So, now that we discussed some of the draws of this magical city, we can elaborate on the best neighborhoods in Orlando. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Downtown Orlando

It should be no surprise that this area is at the top of our list— It is the epicenter of our city after all. Downtown Orlando is a vibrant and dynamic community that offers a wealth of benefits to its residents. One of the main draws of living in downtown Orlando is its walkability. Residents can easily walk or bike to a variety of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions. 

Additionally, downtown Orlando has excellent public transportation options, including the Lymmo bus service and the SunRail commuter train, which provide easy access to other parts of the city. The area is also home to several beautiful parks, such as Lake Eola Park, which offers stunning views of the downtown skyline and hosts a variety of outdoor events throughout the year.

Snapshot of Downtown Orlando

  • Area: 3.656 square miles
  • Population: 19,804
  • Median home price: $305,000
  • Fun fact: Downtown Orlando is home of the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Soccer Club, and Orlando Solar Bears

2. Winter Park

Winter Park is a picturesque city located just north of Orlando and is widely considered one of the most desirable places to live in the state. One of the main benefits of living in Winter Park is its strong sense of community. The city has a charming, small-town feel, with tree-lined streets, quaint shops, and excellent schools. 

Winter Park’s lively arts scene is another highlight, with the Winter Park Playhouse and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art among the city’s top cultural attractions. For many people, Winter Park is the perfect balance of a small-town feel with big-cty amenities.

Snapshot of Winter Park

  • Area: 8.7 square miles
  • Population: 30,377
  • Median home price: $629,600
  • Fun fact: Winter Park is known for its art and museums

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3. Lake Nona

As one of the fastest growing communities in Orlando, Lake Nona is a highly sought-after neighborhood located in the southeastern region of Orlando. One of the main reasons why it’s a great place to live is its exceptional quality of life. The area is known for its modern and sustainable design, which includes numerous green spaces, bike paths, and walkways. 

The community boasts an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, such as the Lake Nona Town Center, which features upscale retailers and restaurants. 

The neighborhood also has several recreational facilities, including golf courses, tennis courts, and a community pool. Finally, Lake Nona’s proximity to Orlando International Airport and major highways makes it an ideal location for those who travel frequently or commute to other parts of the city. Overall, Lake Nona offers a unique combination of modern amenities, natural beauty, and convenience, making it a highly desirable place to call home.

Snapshot of Lake Nona

  • Area: 11.59 square miles
  • Population: 18,238
  • Median home price: $625,250
  • Fun fact: the community has 40% preserved green space

4. Windermere 

Windermere is a beautiful town located just outside of Orlando and is known for its luxurious homes, pristine lakes, and excellent schools. One of the main benefits of living in Windermere is its natural beauty. The town is situated along the shores of several picturesque lakes, which provide residents with ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and water sports. 

The town’s oak-lined streets and lush greenery also make it a stunning place to explore on foot or bike. Windermere’s strong sense of community is another highlight, with regular events and festivals, such as the annual Food and Wine Festival and the Windermere Farmer’s Market.

Snapshot of Windermere

  • Area: 1.57 square miles
  • Population: 3,201
  • Median home price: $1.125 mil
  • Fun fact: It is one of the oldest communities in Orange County

5. Baldwin Park

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of historic charm with contemporary convenience, then Baldwin Park might be the perfect place for you. Baldwin Park is a charming neighborhood located just east of downtown Orlando and is known for its beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and walkable community.

Baldwin Park’s central location is another highlight, with easy access to downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and other popular destinations. The neighborhood’s design also emphasizes walkability, with sidewalks and bike paths that connect residents to local amenities and attractions.

Snapshot of Baldwin Park

  • Area: 1.9 square miles
  • Population: 8,297
  • Median home price: $642,500
  • Fun fact: Baldwin Park is located where the Orlando Naval Training Center once was

The beautiful homes and lush landscaping give the neighborhood a welcoming and upscale feel that attracts residents who value a high quality of life. It is a vibrant and friendly community that offers a range of benefits for those seeking a walkable, family-friendly neighborhood in a prime location.

6. Winter Garden

Winter Garden is one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando for families because of its excellent schools. One of the main benefits of living in Winter Garden is its historic downtown district, which has undergone extensive revitalization in recent years. The area is home to several boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, as well as a popular farmer’s market that takes place every weekend. 

It is also known for its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, such as the West Orange Trail, which provides 22 miles of scenic biking and hiking trails. The community also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Winter Garden Music Fest and the Winter Garden Harvest Festival. 

Snapshot of Winter Garden

  • Area: 17.98 square miles
  • Population: 46,502
  • Median home price: $552,500
  • Fun fact: The historic buildings in Winter Garden date between 1915 and 1940

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7. Lake Mary

With a strong sense of community and a slower pace of life, Lake Mary is a highly desirable suburb located just north of Orlando’s center. The town has a low crime rate, great schools, and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Florida. Lake Mary is also known for its natural beauty, with several parks and green spaces, including the popular Central Park. 

The community also boasts a range of shopping and dining options, such as the Seminole Towne Center Mall and the Colonial TownPark, which features a variety of restaurants and shops. Additionally, Lake Mary has a strong sense of community, with regular events and festivals, such as the annual Lake Mary Heathrow Festival of the Arts. 

Snapshot of Lake Mary

  • Area: 9.88 square miles
  • Population: 16,798
  • Median home price: $475,00
  • Fun fact: The lake was named for Mary Sundell, the wife Reverend J.F. Sundell who settled with him on the northernmost shores of the lake in 1894

8. Maitland

Located just eight miles from downtown is the upscale suburb Maitland. This small town is rich in history and perfect for families looking to put down roots. Maitland is also home to several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, such as Lake Lily Park, which hosts a variety of community events and festivals throughout the year.

Additionally, Maitland has a rich history, with several historic sites and buildings, such as the Maitland Art Center and the Waterhouse Residence Museum.

Snapshot of Maitland

  • Area: 6.48 square miles
  • Population: 20,680
  • Median home price: $404,000
  • Fun fact: During the Second Seminole Indian War, the town was named after Fort Maitland

9. Celebration

Celebration, Florida is a master-planned community located just a few miles from Walt Disney World in Osceola County. The homes, townhomes, and apartments have a personal and unique feel, and the community was designed to be a walkable and bikeable community, with a variety of parks, trails, and green spaces.

Celebration is also home to excellent schools, including Celebration School, which is consistently ranked as one of the top public schools in Florida. The town’s location provides easy access to Orlando’s theme parks, shopping, dining, and entertainment options, while still offering a quiet and peaceful setting.

Snapshot of Celebration

  • Area: 10.58 square miles
  • Population: 12,303
  • Median home price: $580,000
  • Fun fact: The town was originally designed by Disney

10. Doctor Phillips

Last but certainly not least, Doctor Phillips is an affluent and highly desirable neighborhood located in southwestern Orange County just a short drive from downtown Orlando. Doctor Phillips is also home to several top-rated schools, including Dr. Phillips High School, which is consistently ranked as one of the best high schools in Florida. 

The community also features several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, such as the Dr. P. Phillips Community Park, which has several sports fields, a splash pad, and a dog park. The neighborhood is also known for its variety of upscale restaurants and shops, such as the Restaurant Row, which features a range of dining options from fine dining to casual eateries.

Snapshot of Doctor Phillips

  • Area: 4.72 square miles
  • Population: 12,733
  • Median home price: $539,000
  • Fun fact: Dr. Phillips owned over 5,000 acres of citrus groves in this area

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