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    Our Mission: Stress Free Solutions

    Whether you’re moving to, moving within, or moving from Central Florida, Metropolitan Real Estate Solutions is your best resource, built on the foundation that our clients are our first priority.  We strive to ensure a seamless process and are strongly committed to keeping the experience stress-free.


    Meet the Broker:

    Alejandra Silva is a Central Florida expert who has transformed 750+ Central Florida houses into homes.  Dedicated to her client oriented mission, she makes sure that they are well taken care of well outside of the home buying/ selling/ renting scope.  Throughout her 15+ years of experience in the real estate industry, her goal has always been to develop relationships that last long after the buy/sell process.  From conveying utilities, helping to set up services, coordinating move outs, and even making sure the tesla is charged, her and her team make sure that their client’s receive a true “welcome home”.



    •  Excellence and exceptional service- Disney Institute
    •  Gold Key Certification 
    •  Real Estate Broker Certificate
    •  Luxury Real Estate Certification

    The Team

    In today's competitive market, you need a passionate, local advisor that can help you navigate the home buying and selling process.


    Belkys Zambrano


    Gabriela Campos


    Isabella Martinez


    Joel Sanchez


    Lorena Bravo


    Ámbar Giffoni

    Jon Mendicoa

    Jon Mendicoa


    Nada Chouikhi


    Daniela Soucre

    By combining unparalleled service, genuine care, personality, knowledge and experience with an established international clientele, Alejandra Silva and her team are considered Central Florida Leaders in Real Estate.

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